Fastener insulation and preparation



Applications for insulation

*Nail Clip (weldable by DC) Quick method for installation of insulation, with the option of the Nail Clip being with or without insulation.

*IS Nails (weldable short cycle), nail for puncturing the blanket and subsequently folding it or placing a clip. The Nail can be of different materials, copper steel or stainless steel.

*Self-adhesive nails, for cryogenic applications or in places with difficult access for welding.

*Bimetal Nails AC/Aluminium based or Stainless /Aluminium based.

*Clips of several types

3R: The clip is notable for its effortless ease of installation with one hand. But even so, it has great strength due to its material and accuracy of measurements, which it does not lose in high-temperature conditions in case of fire, either. It is protected against corrosion by a layer of zinc.

WN (plastic lining) protects against the danger of accidents with the insulation nails, complies with all the fire protection regulations. In addition, the insulation has good light resistance.

AC (stainless cap.) Anti-corrosion.

Clip with different safety caps.

-Supports with and without damping, for union, for extension.

-For electrical installation

½ Rack, cable support clip, power distribution boxes, switches, trays,
Earth connections, etc.