Fastening elements

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One of the most common applications of the STUD WELDING processes in Fusion Forge or CD welding are those used for the welding of connectors/stud bolts /bolts.According to DIN 13918

Used in diverse processes of construction, building, bridges, (composite frameworks), wind power industry, etc.

Likewise, similar application performing welding of the different types of smooth or threaded stud bolts (DD,RD, UD, PD, MIG, SD  ), an application which allows an infinite number of subsequent uses , as it can be done in very diverse materials, dimensions and qualities.

SD Connectors

-Stud bolts, with thread DD, RD, PD or without thread UD, MIG .

CD  Stud thread and without thread

-Aluminium Stud and Bimetal Stud like type SC and VBG

-“L” Stud like PDW and UDW