Stud Welding


Who we are

 STUD WELDING, S.L. is a company specialising in the Commercialisation and Welding of all types of fastening elements, in diverse materials, adapted to each need.

These Welds which are done by the specific processes of Fusion/Forge and (CD) Capacitor Discharge welding, are regulated as indicated in the designations 783-784 and 785 of standard UNE-EN ISO 4063 for their applications in very diverse sectors, such as the Steel, Petrochemical, Shipbuilding, Waste, Thermal, Paper, Wind Power, Civil Works and Building Industries, being usually used for, among other purposes, the following:

  • Anchoring for Refractory Linings, for new construction and in stops
  • Anchoring for Cold and Heat Insulation
  • Foundations bases for the Wind Power Industry and other Industries
  • Mixed structures / composite frameworks for Building and Public Works, Bridges
  • Hard and anti-wear elements for para construction and mining machinery
  • Boiler pins
  • Other specific elements and designs for industrial applications

Where we are?

We are located in Saragossa, in Polígono Industrial Empresarium, a newly created industrial park, magnificently connected by motorway with the Z40 ring road. We have modern facilities comprised of 150 m2 of offices and 1000 m2 devoted to Workshop and Warehouse.

This allows us to perform the work of weldable elements in the workshop, supplying them to the site for final assembly with a lower final supply cost and better finished quality, as well as the manufacture in the workshop of elements/designs for specific applications.

In STUD WELDING we travel to the site with our own means, machines, etc., to perform the welding of the elements required by our customers.

STUD WELDING has the necessary technical means and a very specialised professional team, which allows it to provide a high-level service that is, at the same time, fast and adaptable to the requirements of the customer.

STUD WELDING has its welding procedures and operators certified by Accredited Entities for the performance of the diverse jobs in the Fusion/Forge / CD welding processes according to European regulations EN-ISO 14555, UNE-EN ISO 14732.

As a company, STUD WELDING has been organised to offer a good service with a high Price/Quality ratio and efficient attention to each Customer.