SW has Approval by Accredited Entities (OCA) of the welding processes, welders for the materials that usually perform its work.

Fusion-Forge and CD welding processes according to regulation UNE-EN ISO 4063

  • Fusion- Forge induction Arc welding with ceramic or gas protection (783)
  • Short-cycle Fusion- Forge induction Arc welding (784)
  • CD Capacitator Discharge Welding (785)
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Covering the most usual diameters and materials.

Our welding Procedures and Approval of welders are carried out according to European regulations, EN ISO 14555 – UNE-EN ISO 14732, for the fastening materials manufactured according to UNE-EN ISO 13918, materials that are certified according to UNE-EN 10204 – 3.1 their manufacturers accrediting their chemical composition and mechanical characteristics.