– Sale of fastening materials.

– Machinery and replacement accessories.

SW commercialises very diverse fastening materials, Machinery / Guns and Accessories, manufactured in Europe, materials with CE marking and with certificates of origin, materials used usually in the Industrial sectors of Steel, Petrochemical, Shipbuilding, Waste, Thermal, Paper, Wind Power, Public Works and Building, with application in processes of protection with refractory material, heat/cold insulation, composite frameworks, and anti-wear materials, among others.

Stud Welding S.L. adds a new service and associated with his welding activitie , suppy Personal Protective Equipment.



SW places at the service of its customers, at very competitive prices, the supply of machinery and accessories necessary for the performance of welding work by the processes of Fusion/Forge and CD welding, work that can be carried out either at their own facilities or on site and for the welding of the different fastening elements and systems.


In its Saragossa workshops, SW manufactures a very wide variety of elements, which it subsequently supplies for different applications of the industrial sector, performing the welding of the necessary elements and on required materials. y fabricación de elementos en colaboración con sus clientes atendiendo a demandas individuales y cumpliendo con las necesidades de nuestros clientes.


SW has extensive experience in work performed for all industrial sectors and applications, placing this experience at the service of our customers’ needs.


SW has acquired know-how in the performance of work in all industrial sectors; this experience, together with technical training in the welding sector, allows us to place solutions to the needs generated at the service of our customers.